5 Stages of Decomposition and Why You Need a Bio Cleaning.


There are many reasons why you would need a Bio Cleaning service such as American Bio-Clean especially when there have been death-related events in the home and/or bodily fluid events such as

These events we hear about on our daily news, although this ordeal is very traumatizing you are not alone in this time of need. Bio cleaning services offer trauma cleanup and remediation so that you and your family can start living again and picking up the pieces from the event.

Here are the 5 stages of human decomposition that bio cleaning services face every day and you as a consumer must know. These stages are fresh, bloat, active decay, advanced decay, and dry or skeletonized.

Stage 1

This is where the body is cooling down and the process of the body breaking down, muscle tissue gets to the point of becoming stiff and unyielding. This is also the stage where the breakdown of tissues of the intestines and bacteria will start deteriorating the rest of the areas of the body. The blood has settled in the lower areas of the body and there is no more oxygen supporting the organs. The body is not breaking down from the inside out, and at this point, the larva of bacteria and fly may occur. The outside of the body is not affected at this point.

Stage 2

This stage is where the active decay of the human body starts, by building up internal gasses such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide, methane, and hydrogen sulfide in which all these together start the process of bloating and expanding the body. These gases push through all open cavities of the body such as the anus, mouth, nose, ears, vagina, and maggots and body tissue start to break down. When the body starts breaking down tears in the tissue leads to skin sliding from bone and muscle and by the end of this stage the insects are feeding off the fluids that are present in the areas that are leaking or exposed.

Stage 3

During this stage is where the process of decaying starts and where the main percentage of the mass of the human body from the bacteria leaving and the insects feeding on the remains. Insects are feeding off the liquid that is released from the body.

Stage 4

At this stage, a vast amount of the tissue and muscle have been decayed, the only remains that are left are cartilage, hair, bones, and the aftermath of leftovers from the decomposition. Larger insects that can chew feed off the read of the remains. The reason for larger insects is because of the tougher and more dense physical tissue to break down.

Stage 5

Final Stage of the decomposition process and finishing the biological progression. By this point, all the remaining fluids have left the body and all that is left is skeletal remnants along with some hair that the insects such as moths may consume. If the remains of the body are left in the open to outside environmental elements the bone fragments will discolor and finish the breakdown of the bones and in the end, the Earth will recover the body from which it came.

human decomposition

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