Lead Paint Testing

How do I know if I have Lead Paint or Lead Based Paint ?

Although lead paint is not used today before 1970 lead paint was used considerably on homes such as walls, doorways, baseboards and outdoors. This is the reason for the affect that it had on children because of the paint that was used for homes and some toys as well. Lead paint is very dangerous and should be checked out as soon as possible. Other ways you may tell is the flaking paint on the item in question whether it be outdoors, indoors or on toys. Areas that have had paint over time will be crack, peel and flake away.

How hazardous is Lead Paint?

According to the CDC(Center for Disease Control) some of the harmful effects of lead poisoning but are not limited to
      • Brain Damage
      • Slowed growth and development
      • Learning and behavior problems
      • Hearing and speech problems
      • Lower IQ
      • Decreased attention span
      • Under performance at school
This type of poisoning is 100% avertible if the parents,grandparents and other have objects or homes tested for lead paint or lead based paint

Is there a way to test for Lead Paint or Lead Based Paint?

Yes, You have came to the right site. American Bio-Clean is professional certified and trained in lead testing. That has 20 years experience and is ready for your call so we can put our experience to work for you. Lead paint testing is very important and should be done to any homes prior to 1970.
lead paint frame
lead paint testing tool
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