Flood Damage

Don't worry we have you covered

American Bio-Clean knows every day has its issues and life happens but when families or businesses are dealing with major flooding issues whether it’s man-made or an act of God just know our team is ready to repair, clean, and restore just like it was before the issue happened. Our team is certified and trained to quickly clean the areas of need throughout the home or business so that issues such as mold or other bacteria set up so the family or employees/customers will not be harmfully affected.
With flood or water damage time is critical and once our customers call us we are on our way to get started accessing and cleaning to minimize the damage that has already occurred. To cause damage and major effects to home or business it takes less than a few inches. This is where American Bio-Clean are experts that can professionally clean and restore the area(s) back to normal and safe
When dealing with flood damage the water that is left inside the areas if not taken care professionally could setup mold on floors, carpets, ceilings and could possible start rotting wood and other materials. This is a breading ground for mold and bacteria to setup.

Just know one call to us and help is on the way

To reduce the residual damage for what has happen take these step to help with process
      1. Turn off electricity to the areas or home/business
      2. Turn off water
      3. If possible unplug all electrical/electronic items
      4. Document all water damages and personal or business losses
flood damage cleanup
In a bad flood situation restoration maybe need if so we are here to help.
American Bio-Clean is just a phone call away.
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