Rise in Violent Crimes 2020-2021

rise in crime

Rise in Crime

Socioeconomic conditions, cultural norms, and political stability are just a few examples of the many variables that can have an impact on the social phenomenon of crime. Numerous regions of the world have seen an increase in crime over the past few years. Policymakers, law enforcement, and citizens have all expressed grave concern over this trend.

The rise in poverty and inequality in many nations is among the primary causes of the increase in crime. Since people who are struggling to make ends meet may resort to criminal activity to survive, poverty is frequently associated with higher rates of crime. The rise in crime can also be attributed to social exclusion and discrimination, as some marginalized groups may turn to illegal means to make their voices heard.

Another factor that may contribute to the rise in crime is the proliferation of drugs and the drug trade. Drug addiction can lead people to commit crimes to support their habit or engage in violent activities related to drug trafficking. This has been a particular issue in many urban areas where gangs and organized crime groups are prevalent.

The availability of firearms and other weapons is also a significant contributor to the rise in crime. In many countries, guns are easily accessible, which increases the likelihood of violence and crime. Furthermore, the use of technology has also enabled criminals to commit crimes more easily and anonymously, such as cybercrime or identity theft.


A violent crime occurs when an offender or perpetrator uses or threatens to use force against a victim.

Murder, assault, sexual assault, rape, kidnapping, homicide, manslaughter, and negligence are examples of violent crimes. Violent crime includes both crimes where the violent act is the goal (murder or rape) and crimes where violence is merely a means to an end.

The prevalence of violent crime varies greatly between countries. Although there is no single cause of crime, there are numerous factors that influence crime rates. Countries with high crime rates typically have high levels of poverty and a scarcity of job opportunities. Crime rates are lower in countries with better living conditions.

According to official FBI statistics released Monday, the number of murders in the United States increased by nearly 30 percent in 2020 compared to the previous year, the largest single-year increase ever recorded in the country.

According to the data, there will be 21,570 homicides in the United States in 2020, which is 4,901 more than in 2019.

The tally demonstrates – in concrete terms – how violent last year was.

The overall violent crime rate, which includes murder, assault, robbery, and rape, increased by about 5%, while property crimes continued their long-term decline and fell by 8% in 2019.

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