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Many people these days look into ways of making a living and crime scene cleanup is no exception. This is one of the biggest questions that we see in many searches on Google and other search engines, with over 2 million searches it is a very hot topic.

Salary of a Crime Scene Cleaning Technician

According to the hourly salary for a person in this range from $13.40 to 24.83 depending on the area that the person that is looking for a job in this field may live in or want to move to. There are many factors that are considered when the pay for crime scene cleanup is considered.

Education and training are preferred but not required most requirements are high school diploma, but although you do not need formal training some companies offer or have their employees go through a short term training course or courses so they will know the processes of such cleaning concepts of crime scene cleanup such as:

  • Suicide
  • Violent crime
  • Trauma
  • Blood and Bodily fluid
  • Biological material

One of the most major concerns with crime scene cleanup is the blood-borne pathogens from such materials as carpets floors, beds, walls, furniture, and anything that blood may have been in contact with during the event that caused this occurrence.

On average the gender percentage that would like to make crime scene cleanup a career is 62.5% Male and 37.5% Female, but that could change at any time. The most common health benefits are but not limited to medical, dental, and vision within this field.

Job Duties of a Crime Scene Cleaning Technician

Before the company can start the job of cleaning the crime scene they must have full clearance from the Police or investigator that is surveying the area for clues and information that caused the crime and find what they may need to keep and what needs to be discarded.

Once clearance has been given by the Police or investigator, the company may evaluate the area and analyze what must be done first in order to clean the crime scene efficiently and speedy so the area can be back to normal and looking like it never even happened.

The key is to get the affected area cleaned not only for bacteria and other contaminating particles that can hurt others but to put a piece of mind back to the people involved.

Starting a Business in Crime Scene Cleanup

Once a person gets experience under their belt they may want to look into starting their own crime scene cleanup business or buy into a franchise, either way, this will cost a large amount of money to start. Some figures have been $80,000 to $150,000 startup.

With the rise of violent crimes in the United States and other parts of the world, crime scene cleanup will be a good choice of employment or anything in the biological hazard clean up as there is a lot of death cleanup that people are calling for from unattended death, suicide, murders, etc.

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