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In today’s busy life mold is all around us yet sometimes we do not even know that it’s there we just carry on our daily lives till something serious takes place such as home or business damage or for others to get sick. We are going to let you in on 6 signs you have mold in your home or business.

Acremonium– This is a type of mold that is normally grown around the home with exceptional condensation from areas that have window sealants, cooling coils humidifiers, just to name a few. This type of mold is extremely threatening to humans that are around this, exposure to this harmfully damage the immune system, cancers, and damage organs in the body. Some of the ways that it can be identified is by the pink, gray, orange, or white in color as well as looking powdery. If you or your loved ones see this type of mold contact a mold remediation service such as American Bio-Clean to get this taken care of in a timely matter so that it will not harm others or spread.

Alternaria– This type of mold is very common and grows in areas that are very damp and moist such as showers, sinks that have a leaking issue or bad pipes, and bathtubs, water heaters. This type of mold is identified by a dark green mold that has brown fur and has a velvet texture. Although this mold isn’t as dangerous as the previous mold mentioned but does affect those with respiratory issues like asthma, upper respiratory infection, and those that are having complications with Covid-19. This type of mold just like others does spread quickly, so if you or someone you know identifies this contact a professional such as American Bio-Clean that is certified and knows what to do to make your area safe again. We have trained cleaners that will be on their way as soon as we get the call. Like our motto says “WE DON’T CUT CORNERS WE CLEAN THEM” our team makes sure that your home or business is safe.

Aspergillus– This type of mold is very common in American households identified by its thick layers and long-chain look. Aspergillus can be deadly depending on the type it is, but it does inflame those with issues related to asthma, bronchitis, upper respiratory issues, and possibly those that are having issues with Covid-19.

Aureobasidium– This type of mold is a mold that is very dangerous and SHOULD NEVER BE TOUCHED WITH YOUR HANDS WITHOUT PROPER GLOVES. Aureobasidium although this is not deadly is does cause infections of your skin, eyes but is not limited to other areas of your body. This mold grows on the painted surface, moist walls, and cabinets where food is kept and can be identified by its black, brown, and pink colors.

Chaetomium– This is a type of mold that has a cottony white texture that is found in damaged homes and businesses that water is has found its way in the cracks this is where the mold starts to spreads and spreads quickly. This type of mold has a strong musty odor and can cause skin and respiratory infections. American Bio-Clean has mold removal and remediation services that we offer so that the issues and health hazards that come with mold will be a thing of the past. Leave the mold removal to professionals that can take care of area(s) quickly and completely.

Stachybotrys– This type of mold can causes reactions with those who may suffer from allergies and can cause very severe issues if this is not properly taken care of in the areas that the mold has affected. Stachybotrys is distinctive by its green and black color ( this is where it gets it’s named BLACK MOLD). This mold is found in areas of cardboard, cellulose, roofing materials, hay, wood, cotton, and more. This is something you do not want to leave because this will spread. Hire a professional that is licensed and certified to take care of the affected areas with this Black Mold so that you will have peace of mind that your family or if in a business your employees and clients are safe. American Bio-Clean will take care of this give us a call!

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