unattended death
unattended death

Unattended Death

Unexpected and unattended death is not something that is expected nor can we plan for this. It’s a very sad time when our loved ones are left alone for a very long time after their passing. After death there is a natural decomposition that needs cleaning in a timely matter to prevent more damage to the property and areas that are affected. Needing a cleaning service to take care of the removal and cleaning of the area that was affected is a must, and American Bio-Clean will be there for you in your time of need. This happens every day and is very unexpected and devastating to the friends and family that are connected with the loss. 
The mental and emotional aspect of this if very devastating. With the death of loved ones we are overcome by those who may have been unattended for a while and the property needs to be cleaned. When this happens the family needs a company is dependable and reliable that is certified and insured for these kinds of situations. 
Our team of trained professionals in death clean up will not only clean but sanitize and deodorize the areas that are affected from the event to make it safe and habitable for others. Areas such as these are highly contaminated with large amounts of blood/body fluid that may or may not contain harmful blood-borne pathogens, including but not limited to Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, MRSA, HIV, and many more. American Bio-Clean will take care of these events safely and sanitize the areas that are affected so that the families can live a normal life again and have a better future

American Bio-Clean Process


We start out by taking a walk through of the area before any other step is taken. So our employees are safe according to OSHA regulations


We use OSHA regulations and protocols when we setup to control the affected areas and securing it from non affected areas


We remove all traces of contaminated liquids which include but are not limited to blood, feces, urine, etc. This is the most hazardous part of the job


After the removal process we clean, deodorize, and sanitize the areas that were affected with green environmentally safe and EPA rated cleaning solutions


After all other processes have been completed we go back through, test using ATP  for verification and to make sure the areas are at hospital standards of cleanliness 
American Bio-Clean complies with all regulations that is stated by OSHA evolving blood borne pathogens to insure the safety and protection of our employees and customers alike as we are in the removal process so that there is no contamination and all elements of the blood borne components have been sanitized and deodorize and free of contaminates. When looking for a company to remove and sanitize the affected area the customer should sure that the company is professional, insured, and complies with all OSHA regulations so that you will know they will have the customers best interest in mind.
For that reason, unattended death cleanup is a professional specialty service that have proper training, equipment and license that meet all aspect of the field they are in so they are qualified to do the job they are hired to do and meet the requirements.

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