Meth Lab Cleanup

Meth Cleanup
Even though there may only be one pound of meth that was cooked on a property the chemicals that it is left and that contaminates the area is over 6-7 pound of waste that is left to clean up. With all of this left behind it can be very dangerous for those with compromised immune systems, and could cause skin irritation, breathing issues dizziness along with much more serious health risk for others later in life if not properly disposed of and cleaned. The fear of having this left behind that can harm family or friends is something that American Bio-Clean is wanting to take care of for you and your loved ones. Meth Lab Clean up, Fentanyl, and Drug Lab Decontamination services are something that is needed in all communities, Meth labs are not in small communities it’s in larger cities as well.
Here at American Bio-Clean, we strive for safe and efficient Meth Lab cleanup. We maintain strict adherence to OSHA rules and regulations to ensure the safety of our workers, the public and your family. Meth lab clean up needs to take place over the entire site and includes the remediation of everything from the rugs and carpets, to the walls and ceilings. Even such things as furniture need a thorough decontamination. The cleaning of meth labs requires professionals. Attempting to clean this on your own might lead to severe health problems due to breathing in the vapors or even from contact of these chemicals with your skin.

Dangers of Meth Labs

Meth labs are very dangerous, with a vast amount of environmental hazards, and should never be cleaned by an untrained person. For people to enter such a facility they should consider the areas that have been contaminated as well as the materials such as furniture, toys, walls, ceilings, and clothes to be part of the hazardous waste and can contaminate all that is around these areas

Who Governs the Meth Cleanup

Although there is not a specific department that is over the clean up the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has guidelines that need to be referenced for the cleanup of this type even though the EPA does not officially monitor this operation.
Meth Lab and Residue Cleanup
American Bio-Clean is trained and certified so that all areas that has been affected and contaminated from all the chemicals released.
Standard Operating Procedures
American Bio-Clean has developed Standard Operating Procedures along with the regulations that the state and federal government has on the environmental and biological 
American Bio-Clean test areas affected by meth lab with EPA Guidlines, so that you can be assured that is clean and safe for family and friends.


Meth and Fentanyl are a true threat to our communities large and small. Not only does it destroy the communities in which the substances are affecting it is destroying the lives and families of all of those that are involved with the production, distribution, and using of the hazardous and lethal drugs.
There are other drugs such as Desoxyn that are FDA approved but can be abused like most medicines on the market today. According to this is more commonly used for those suffering from ADHD and Weight loss for those who have tried other types of treatments to lose weight but can not. Although this drug has a legal use as Methamphetamine don’t be fooled it does have side effects and it can be abused just like all legal drugs can be.

What is Methamphetamine or Meth?

Methamphetamine is a stimulant that speeds up the body’s normal functions and usually comes in pill or powder form. According to the DEA this is available as a prescription under the name Desoxyn and is used for ADHD and Weight loss, yet in the illegal and modified version of Desoxyn is it blended with normal OTC(over the counter) medicine that anyone can purchase at your local discount store or pharmacy. Crystal Meth may look like glass particles but is shiny bluish-white rocks of various sizes

Street Names for Meth

According to the DEA the names that most on the street will here these modified/illegal versions called are:

Poor Man’s Cocaine
Yellow Barn

How is Meth taken or used?

Since the end product is usually in pill or powder form it can be swallowed, smoked, injected or snorted, but if this isn’t enough make the effects last longer or make stronger they take the substance in higher doses, take this more frequently or may even change the ways they ingest or absorb the drug
meth rocks
powder meth
Smoked meth

How is the body affected by the drug?

Since this drug is highly addictive and is a stimulant the effects of the drug be any of the ones that are listed below:
1. Agitation, increased heart rate, and blood pressure
2. Increased respiration and body temperature
3. Anxiety
4. Paranoia
5. If taken in extremely high quantities it may cause convulsions, cardiovascular collapse, stroke, or even death by shutting down the            organs caused by overheating



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