Exposing the Mold?

What is Mold?

Black mold on wall
Mold is a type of fungus. These small organisms can be black, white, orange, green, or purple and live almost anywhere indoors and outside. Molds thrive on moisture and reproduce through lightweight spores that travel through the air. You’re exposed to mold every day. They’re usually harmless in small amounts. But when they land on a damp spot in your home, they can start to grow. They release spores that you might breathe in. If you’re sensitive to mold and inhale a lot of spores, it could make you sick.(According to WebMD.com)

Signs of mold in your business or residential areas:

        1. The grout between your shower tiles is dark.
        2. Wallpaper peeling
        3. Dark Colored spots on your wall
        4. If one has allergies or asthma is gets worse
        5. Always feeling itchy
        6. You are using a humidifier
        7. There are musty odors in the home or business
        8. Fatigue or tired all the time

What can be done?

American Bio-Clean offers mold remediation service that can eradicate the mold that is in your area and create an area that is breathable and safe for your family and employees. We thoroughly clean the areas that have been effected and take it back like it never even happened. For more information on our mold remediation services click below or give us a call and we will be happy to help you with all your mold removal needs


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