Crime/Trauma Scene Mitigation

Crime/Trauma scene mitigation happens after the police officers and team of investigator have finished with getting the information and evidence at the scene of the crime. If the contaminated area is not contained and thoroughly cleaned then the bodily fluids can damage areas such as wood floors and other types of hazards can remain if the fluids are hidden and can not be seen by the human eye or without specific equipment allowing other bio-hazards to breed such as mold.
Number of homicides in 2019 (According the the CDC)
Crime/Trauma scene cleanup isn’t a job that all can do, and especially those with weak stomach some of the horrific scenes that are on a day to day basis that those in the field suit up with their PPE( person protection equipment) to do for the safety of the people in the areas that are contaminated. American Bio-Clean is a professionally trained and certified in hazardous cleanup company whose job is to cleanup the biological and hazardous fluids on any property business or residential. This field of work is very hazardous and dangerous. Our teams are trained and certified to keep the most strictest standard and protocols. There are many different types of issues that we as a cleaning service may and have dealt with such as but not limited to.
          • Urine
          • Blood
          • Tear Gas residue
          • Meth Lab chemicals
          • Finger Print powder
          • and More
If you have any of these issue


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Crime and Trauma Scene Clean Up in Tyronza


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