Knowing when its times to call professionals

What causes Mold?

According the EPA some of the reasons that causes indoor air problems are such things as pollutants, mold, and chemicals and these are just but a few. With these types of irritants that may cause or aggravate respiratory issues that family members or customers have that enter the areas that are affected because mold or other irritants. This is the reason why professional cleaning is needed so that the removal of these harmful and dangerous allergens. In some cases there are long term effects from breathing these devastating bacteria and its spores such as but no limited to

          • Respiratory disease
          • Heart disease
          • Cancer

Can I manage mold at my residents/business?

Yes, it is possible to manage or control mold in your home or office by doing a few things, but when it gets out of hand there is little that a non trained home/business owners can do. Below is a few things that may help to with the elimination of mold growth.

Using some type of ventilation in areas such as kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry rooms

      • When there have been leak or bad flood the areas needs comprehensive cleanup
      • Humidity levels need to be managed so that the areas for not breed grounds for mold
      • Taking care of areas with leaks pipes, roof windows, etc.
      • Improve airflow throughout the home/business
      • Disinfect surface that are prone to mold

If you have any of these issue


Let us control and removal the mold

American Bio-Clean is trained and certified mold removal service to remove all signs of mold and mold spores within your home or office so that the unsightly odors and sights will never be seen by family member or customers that are in those areas. Our highly trained team will search every corner to find areas that are affected by mold, so that the safety of others will be the utmost priority and protected from hazardous harm of mold and the spores they produce.


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